Starting the Conversation

Suicide and self-injury are two ways in which tells us that a person is in extreme emotional pain. This documentary will serve as a way to better understand the issues that could lead a youth or young adult to consider suicide or self-injury by bearing witness to their firsthand stories of the struggles they faced and what helped them to work through their emotional pain. 


Changing the Narrative

This video is not about the statistics. It is about the youth and young adults and the emotional pain that lead them to think about suicide and/or cope through self-injury, it is about them working through that emotional pain, and it is about all of us coming together as a community and learning how we can support those around us who might consider suicide and/or cope through self-injury.

Embracing Innovation

We have created a "remote studio in a box."  This innovation in technology allows us to film intimate stories from the comfort of your own home while being mindful of  COVID-19 restrictions.

Participants need to be aware of the possible impact of being in a documentary and telling their stories. This includes but is not limited to - re-traumatization from retelling your story and the emotional toll it might take on your mental health, the people who will see this video, and the possibility that others may recognize you and/or talk to you about their experience.

Keeping you Safe

We understand that there are bumps in the road and that the recovery process is not only not linear but the recovery process, for some, is a lifelong process.

We require that participants in the documentary be upfront and honest with us about where they are in their recovery process and that they are at least 9 months to 1-year out from a previous suicide attempt. There will be a safety plan in place so that if a participant becomes triggered or starts to have thoughts of suicide or self-injury, they have support.

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