Starting the Conversation

Have you ever shared something personal, only to hear: “You’re overreacting,” “Stop worrying so much,” “You’ll feel better tomorrow,” or “Because I said so”?

Have you ever wanted to talk to an adult, or tell your parents about something important, but you didn’t, because of how they would respond? With your help, we can train parents and other adults on how to be supportive to teens!


Changing the Narrative

Stress is something that impacts EVERYBODY and we understand that the longer someone is stressed the more their physical and mental health suffer.   

If you have struggled with mental health issues, substance use, self-injury, stress overload, suicide, and/or you have just felt unheard by a parent or adult, your story matters! 

We want to change the narrative, hear your side, and teach parents and other adults how to be more supportive. 

Embracing Innovation

We have created a "remote studio in a box".  This innovation in technology allows us to record your story from the comfort of your own home during COVID-19 restrictions.

We are creating online training modules, for parents and other adults, guided by your stories and advice about how adults can be more helpful when listening to teens.

Role plays help make training more effective and we want our role plays to be guided by real teens and real stories. 

Keeping you Safe

We understand that through telling your stories old wounds, that might not have fully healed, can sometimes open up. If you choose to talk about suicide or self-injury, we ask that you be at least 9-months to 1-year in your healing. If you have had a suicide attempt, we ask that you have an active safety plan or are open to creating one.

Telling our stories can be scary and we recognize that you do not know us.  So, before recording, we want to meet you and get to know each other a little better. You can ask us about this project, ask us about who we are, and share your thoughts.

Sign Up

If you decide to submit a story, you are giving Crisis Connections permission to use your story to promote mental health awareness. We will keep your name and private information confidential.