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Join Crisis Connections in our mission to bring better mental health to our community 

Hope can change lives. Help comes in many forms. Healing should be accessible to everyone.
Crisis Connections Crisis supports more than 600,000 teens, families, and individuals in Washington with reliable crisis intervention services so that no one feels alone during a crisis, whether big or small.

Help us meet our goal by December 31, 2022 and ensure no one has to face a crisis alone.

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My Message of Affirmation

"Crisis Connections has been there for my loved one during a time of extreme crisis. Remember, you are not alone. When you call, someone will be there to listen and help."
- Jamie M., Tacoma, WA 

"Thank you for supporting our community."
- Anne S., Seattle, WA

"Sometimes life experiences can become so overwhelming that we begin to feel like there are no answers, no way out, our story is just so complicated there seems to be no hope. Crisis Connections and National Suicide Prevention is staffed with people who can help 24/7. They helped me as a comforter and listening ear when I needed a non- judging, compassionate person to care. Let me assure you, your story’s not too big to share. You are important to them. They care and can offer encouragement for your situation." 
-Crisis Connections Friend, Seattle, WA 

"One of the most empowering things we can do is find the strength in our voice to ask for help."
-Rob N., Seattle, WA 

"To all Trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary and queer youth—I can't say how much I love and appreciate you all. You're so brave, having no other choice but to stand up to the constant hate-filled messages many uninformed and hurting people throw at you. I think choosing to continue your path - keeping going when things feel hard, that's the best thing you can do! I'm always in awe of your creativity, re-defining the world how you want it to be and loving all the amazing weirdos out there! You give me so much hope, but I don't want you to feel like the world is always on your shoulders. Give the adults hell! Keep us all accountable to make the world a better place for you! With so much love, a trans elder."
-Friend of Crisis Connections, Seattle, WA 

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Every Gift Makes an Impact

Crisis Connections supports more than 600,000 teens, families, and individuals in Washington with reliable crisis intervention services so that no one feels alone during a crisis, whether big or small. Our trained volunteers and staff offer support to help navigate available resources and services like homeless shelters, therapists, and drug counselors. Above all, they listen—any time of day, every day of the year, and free of charge.

The pandemic exposed the many overlapping mental health crises that have been simmering for years beneath the surface. Alcohol and substance abuse are on the rise, along with anxiety and depression.

Our work has never been more critical. The need had never been more apparent!

That’s why we need your help to continue to connect with your neighbors in crisis here in Washington. Please consider Crisis Connections in your end-of-year, tax-deductible charitable giving plans.

Your donation could save a life.

"I have been homeless a long time and this will be the very first time I have ever rented an apartment. You guys led me to the place I am in now—you helped me to find housing. You guys have been a real blessing and I appreciate all that you do for individuals and the community."

"I just want to let you guys know that 211 has always been gracious to me. Even if I just get to tell what happened to me, it makes a difference. Everyone has always been so kind to me, and being able to talk to someone who listens, and cares, changes my whole attitude for the day!"

"Thank you so much for your service. This is such a huge weight off my shoulders. I am going to cry happy tears now! Thank you."

Share a Note of Affirmation

Every day, hundreds of people visit our website or at community events. Many are experiencing negative feelings or situations. Needing help is normal. Little reminders of hope, from the community, can be the encouragement needed to get help, find hope, and begin healing.

Leave a message of hope in the form below. Your encouragement, care and stories uplift of those who seek our services, staff and volunteers.*

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    Contribute as a Volunteer

    Transform your compassion, care and lived experience into skills you can share with our community.

    Crisis Line Volunteers - adult or youth
    Provide support for callers who may be experiencing a mental health crisis or who may be seeking support for a loved one.

    Peer Support Volunteers - adult or youth
    Your lived experience empowers callers who are living with emotional and mental health challenges.

    Suicide Loss Grief Companion
    Work with other suicide loss survivors as they navigate complex grief. Volunteers who are at least two years from their loss are encouraged to explore volunteer training.

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