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Help is 3 Numbers Away

Whole Person Care

Lifesaving services operating in partnership to get you the help you need. 

Crisis Connections logo mark in white
Colocation graphic showing 211, 988 and 911 working together for whole person care

Better Serving People in Crisis

This innovative program aims to ensure individuals in crisis or those needing immediate assistance with mental health or essential services receive prompt and appropriate support. When someone in crisis calls 911, dispatchers can immediately direct them to mental health professionals (988) or social service information specialists (211) in the same room. This initiative aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the response to emergencies, mental health crises, and requests for community assistance.:

  • Better and Appropriate Response: Calls are quickly directed to the appropriate service, whether it's fire, medical, or police emergency response, mental health counseling, or access to community resources.
  • Comprehensive Support: The initiative bridges the gap between emergency services and community support, ensuring individuals receive holistic care tailored to their specific needs.
  • Streamlined Services: The co-location of 911, 988, and 211 operations facilitates better communication and coordination among service providers, leading to improved outcomes for community members and frees up emergency services to focus on the most urgent needs.
  • Expanded Community Trust: This collaboration aims to build safety and trust with marginalized populations accessing emergency services and mental health support.

Who do I call in a crisis?

Whether you call 911, 988 or 211, trained specialists answer with compassion and assist with a warm handoff to get you the help you need.