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Hope Makers: Recurring Giving

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Become a Hope Maker

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Welcome to Hope Makers, our monthly giving program at Crisis Connections. As a Hope Maker, you join our community to ignite change and create a ripple effect of hope to those in crisis. In a world filled with uncertainty, isolation, and despair, your steadfast commitment becomes a beacon of light. By making a monthly contribution, you provide critical support that enables us to be there for those in their time of need, offering compassion, guidance, and a lifeline to hope.

As a Hope Maker, you provide a lifeline for others in their time of need. Your ongoing support enables us to maintain our vital helpline services, crisis intervention programs, and mental health resources, ensuring that help is always just a phone call, text, or chat away. Your commitment directly saves lives and offers hope to those who need it most.

Here are just a few reasons why becoming a Hope Maker is a powerful choice:

  • Sustained Impact: Your consistent monthly donation ensures a sustained impact. By providing us with a predictable funding source, you empower us to plan strategically, respond swiftly, and expand our reach to touch more lives. Consistency is key in ensuring that we can continue offering 24/7 support to those in need, no matter the time or day.
  • Amplified Reach: With each passing month, your support extends our reach to more individuals in crisis. By joining forces with other Hope Makers, you amplify the strength of our services and increase our ability to make a profound difference in countless lives.
  • Empowerment for Change: As a Hope Maker, you play an active role in creating a society that prioritizes mental health and well-being. You send a powerful message that mental health matters, crises deserve attention, and no one should face their darkest moments alone. Your decision to take action inspires others to follow suit, multiplying the impact and igniting a movement of change.
  • Exclusive Benefits: We value your commitment and believe in showing our appreciation. As a Hope Maker, you will receive exclusive updates on the impact of your donations, behind-the-scenes insights into our work, and invitations to special events and volunteer opportunities. Together, we will celebrate the achievements made possible by your unwavering support.
  • Connection and Community: Joining Hope Makers means becoming part of a compassionate community united by a shared purpose: to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Engage with like-minded individuals, build lasting connections, and collaborate on initiatives that amplify our impact. Together, we can create a network of change-makers dedicated to spreading hope across our communities.

Your Impact

By becoming a Hope Maker, you embody the essence of empathy, resilience, and the unwavering belief that together, we can overcome any challenge. Your monthly contribution is a lifeline that can bring light to the darkest moments and remind individuals that they are never alone.

Join us today as a Hope Maker, and let your kindness ignite hope in the hearts of those who need it most. Together, we can create a world where crisis turns into resilience and transforms into hope.

Monthly Gift Impact

$10 monthly: provides interpretation services in 150 languages
$25 monthly: covers the cost of 1 call per month from Mental Health Professionals seeking resources for their clients
$50 monthly: funds recruitment and 60 hours of training for 1 volunteer to answer calls on Crisis Line, Teen Link, or Warm Line
$100 monthly: covers the cost to provide 12 teens peer-to-peer or substance use support each year

One-Time Gift Impact

$40: helps cover the cost of 1 crisis call, available 24/7
$80: funds 1 Care Package and grief support for a family after losing a loved one to suicide
$250: Covers 1 hour of 211 specialist services that connect callers with trusted basic needs resources in King County
$500: Covers the cost of ongoing staff training and professional development and allows regular maintenance of helpline communication technologies