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Mental Health Professionals Support Crisis Connections

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As a mental health professional, you understand the importance of consistent, reliable support for those grappling with mental health challenges. Crisis Connections is a lifeline not just for your clients, but also for you, providing 24/7 assistance when your office hours have ended but your clients' needs have not.

Why Support is Needed

Last year alone, your colleagues reached out to Crisis Connections 111,673 times seeking immediate help for their clients. And 668,229 people called directly in their time of need. Your contribution will ensure that this invaluable resource remains available around the clock, bolstering the essential work you do and extending a safety net to those who need it most, when they need it most. By donating to Crisis Connections, you are investing in the mental health of our community and enhancing the scope and impact of your own professional practice.

Consider Becoming a Monthly Donor

Our shared commitment to mental health support needs consistent backing. Your monthly donation can make an immeasurable difference. By becoming a regular donor, you're ensuring Crisis Connections' 24/7 service continues unabated, making it possible for us to always be there for you and your clients. Your monthly contribution is not just a donation—it's a partnership in caring for our community's mental health, enhancing your professional reach, and truly making a difference, day in and day out.

Your Monthly Gift Impact

$10 monthly: provides interpretation services in 150 languages
$25 monthly: covers the cost of 1 call per month from Mental Health Professionals seeking resources for their clients
$50 monthly: funds recruitment and 60 hours of training for 1 volunteer to answer calls on Crisis Line, Teen Link, or Warm Line
$100 monthly: covers the cost to provide 12 teens peer-to-peer or substance use support each year

Your One-Time Gift Impact

$40: helps cover the cost of 1 crisis call, available 24/7
$80: funds 1 Care Package and grief support for a family after losing a loved one to suicide
$250: Covers 1 hour of 211 specialist services that connect callers with trusted basic needs resources in King County
$500: Covers the cost of ongoing staff training and professional development and allows regular maintenance of helpline communication technologies