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Resilience and Well-Being for All

2023 was a challenging year for many.
Yet, amid the darkness, Crisis Connections helped more than 500,000 people in Washington find the light they needed.
For some, light meant finding assistance with basic needs like food, housing, and legal resources. For others, light was a compassionate, non-judgmental listening ear.

Crisis Connections helped shine light through peer to peer support for adults wrestling with depression, anxiety, and the recovery journey.
We shined light alongside trained teenage volunteers providing anonymous support to peers in need.
We supported survivors of suicide loss, offered one time crisis care for individuals in recovery, helped adults navigate mental health crises.
With every interaction, we worked to shine light in the darkness.

As we venture into 2024, Crisis Connections invites you to join us and shine the light that our community needs. You can shine a light today by donating, volunteering, or advocating for our work. Every dollar, every hour, and every mention helps your neighbors illuminate the darkness in their time of need.

Join us today and be the light our community needs.

of $125,000
of 40

Thanks to a group of generous donors, there are three opportunities to amplify your impact during the Campaign:

Giving Tuesday Match (Nov 28): All gifts will be DOUBLED on Giving Tuesday – November 28
Monthly Giving Challenge: a $500 donation will be made when someone signs up for a new monthly gift
$1,000 Match: Every gift $1,000 or more will be DOUBLED

Michelle McDaniel, CEO of Crisis Connections
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Crisis Connections supports more than 600,000 teens, families, and individuals in Washington each year. No problem is too big or too small, and our trained volunteers and clinical staff can triage crisis needs, connect callers to partner organizations, and make referrals to other community-based services. 

  • $10 – Connects a caller to assistance with basic needs by covering the cost of a 211 call
  • $25 – Covers the cost of one call from a Mental Health Professional searching for resources OR provides guidance for the recovery journey by covering the cost of a call to the Recovery Help Line
  • $50 – Delivers a care package for a survivor of suicide loss
  • $100 – Assists First Responders addressing behavioral health crises by covering the cost of support from One Call


Transform your compassion, care and lived experience into skills you can share with our community. 

Crisis Line Volunteers
Adults and young people can provide support for peers experiencing a mental health crisis or seeking support for a loved one. 

Peer Support Volunteers
Adults and young people can harness their lived experience to empower callers living with emotional and mental health challenges. 

Suicide Loss Grief Companion
Adults who have experienced and processed the pain and grief of suicide loss can work with other survivors to navigate complex grief.  


Every day, hundreds of people visit our website or connect with us at community events. Many are coping with difficult feelings or complex situations.  

Needing help is normal.  

Little reminders of hope from a caring community can provide the necessary encouragement people need to get help, find hope, and begin healing.  

Leave a message of hope below and shine a light for those in crisis.  

Words of Affirmation

Having a companion mentor helped me navigate complicated emotions. 

Suicide Loss Survivor  

Crisis Connections catches you when you're falling.
No judgment. Just help. 

Community Member

One of the most empowering things we can do is find the strength in our voice to ask for help.

Rob N.

To all Trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary and queer youth—I can't say how much I love and appreciate you all. You're so brave, having no other choice but to stand up to the constant hate-filled messages many uninformed and hurting people throw at you. I think choosing to continue your path - keeping going when things feel hard, that's the best thing you can do! I'm always in awe of your creativity, re-defining the world how you want it to be and loving all the amazing weirdos out there! You give me so much hope, but I don't want you to feel like the world is always on your shoulders. Give the adults hell! Keep us all accountable to make the world a better place for you! With so much love, a trans elder.

 Community Member 

Seeing my child struggle was heart-breaking. Teen Link gave them a safe place to talk, which has been invaluable for us.

Teen Link Caller Parent 

I called not knowing what to expect, but the compassion I received gave me strength to face my problems.

Crisis Line Caller

It's a comfort to talk to someone who understands what it’s like to live with a mental illness. The Warm Line is an anchor for me.

Warm Line

When I was overwhelmed trying to find resources for my
aging parents, the 211 operator not only found me support but also offered kindness.

211 Caller

I’ve had so much anxiety about my light bill.
I feel so much better now, knowing there is help and I could talk to a live human to get things going.

211 Caller


My teen was bullied, and I felt helpless.
Teen Link gave them a place to speak freely and safely.
Thank you.

Teen Link Caller Parent

Crisis Connections is my In Case of Emergency Button when I can’t find the strength.

College Student

Finding someone who listened and understood my struggle with addiction was a ray of hope.

Recovery Help Line Caller

I am so happy to see you out in the community.
You were there when I needed you.
I’m glad others can have help too.

Community Member

The Warm Line is that one place for me where I'm not judged, just supported by someone who knows the struggle.

Warm Line Caller

Crisis Connections was there when I felt the world had left me behind. They helped me reconnect.

Community Member

Teen Link is a resource we recommend almost every day.
It empowers teens to take the first step towards help.

School Resource Counselor

Volunteering has shown me how powerful it is to simply listen and be there for someone.

Crisis Line Volunteer

My sister's addiction was tearing our family apart.
Your Recovery Help Line helped us understand and find a way to support her.

Recovery Help Line Caller

Some days are harder than others.
I am just paralyzed in bed with depression.
On those days, I call the Warm Line.
It is the hope I need.

Warm Line Caller

During my transition, I had questions I couldn't ask anyone.
Teen Link helped me without judgment.

Teen Link Caller

Crisis Connections is the voice of reason in the chaos of life.
A lighthouse in the fog.


I didn't know how to deal with the grief after losing my sister.
Some days I still don’t.
But You’ve helped guide me towards healing.


I never thought I'd call a crisis line.
When I did, it was the most important call I ever made.

Crisis Line Caller

Crisis Connections is a friend who’s seen your darkest and still stays by your side.

Community Member 

Crisis Connections is a lifesaver for our students to reach out confidentially for help.


Crisis Connections embodies compassion our community needs.

Queen Anne Christian Church Pastor 

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